Sunday, March 04, 2007

Book Worm

Poem (Way to go slant rhyme!)

Have a million different books on this wee desk
Have 8000 little butterflies in my chest
Have read many pages of each little book
Have realized their insides aren't as fun as the covers look

Adrianne will soon fall with a resounding thud
The sound of her fall muffled by the library rug
Everyone will continue working away
They will all think that everything is okay

No one will notice that Adrianne is gone
Because this mountain of books will hide what is wrong
But if they would peer behind the enormous pile
They would encounter a sight indeed very vile

For they would find Adrianne, all pale and sleepy
They would find Adrianne, looking all creepy
Adrianne would have large bags under her eyes
She would be heaving her last dying sighs

"Don't worry about me!" she would faintly say
"I'm in a better place now, all those dancers have gone away!"
"No more contradictory scholars saying different things,
No more words making my brain like the knots on a string!"

"Just tell my teacher, please, if it's the last thing you do,
that Adrianne went down trying, she was true blue!"
Then she would close her eyes and die with a smile
She'd go content, completing her final trial.

This is a warning to everyone out there behind my pile of books
If you never see Adrianne, you'll know where to look.
I'm that small wasted figure with that large coffee cup
Come by sometime and ask me "Wassup?"

Best last line of a poem EVER.


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