Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cannot be taken out in public anymore

Last night after we had finished giving our presentations, Michal Lynn, Simone, and I went to the Chipotle up the street from The Art Institute to celebrate. Since I had an entire block to think about it, by the time we had reached Chipotle I had a pretty good idea of what my nuanced, refined palette desired.

For those of you not familiar with Chipotle, it is the Mexican version of Subway. You go there, tell them that you want a burrito, or a taco, what have you, then you go on to tell them what you want on it (rice, beans, type of meat, spicy stuff, no spicy stuff, and so on and so forth). I am not too sure why anyone would not be familiar with it, but there you are.

I see these eateries as someone just working in my kitchen. Which means that EXACTLY what I want is EXACTLY what I want to get.

Admittedly, my range of edible things have significantly expanded this quarter. My dinner Sunday night was this:

I call this Adrianne's Wondrous Plate of Sauteed Things

This dish contains onions, bananas, apples, tomatoes, and avocados with some lemon-pepper seasoning, pepper, and salt on top. Because that's what I had lying around, and all those things I felt like eating, so into one pan they went. And then I shredded the books you see lying in the corner in lieu of cheese and ate that too. I cannot wait until the very far, distant, most likely never attainable day of when I will be pregnant and I have weird cravings. I will fully exploit this opportunity to say things like "Husband, I am desirous of a large plate full of Honey Bunches of Oats mixed with some grilled zucchini and avocado, drizzled with 1/4 cup of honey, and then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. But for the love of God, do not let the zucchini and the avocado mix. And I want this within 5 minutes."

Anyhow, so I got to Chipotle and in loud, assertive tone I told the man I wanted chips, guacamole, with some of the shredded steak stuff underneath the guacamole. Which isn't too weird, only he was a little confused and the following exchange went something like:

man: You want meat?
me: No, no beans. Meat.
man: With meat?
me: No beans please.
man turns to co-worker with a questioning look
coworker: You want chips, with guacamole and the meat?
coworker: Yes, no beans. With meat?
me: Please, no beans. Meat.
coworker: Meat

By this time Simone and Michal Lynn were looking at me like "God, are we going to have to change her diaper as well?" and I had a raged, crazed glint in my eye because I thought someone DARED to want to put beans on my creation when I specifically told them just MEAT.

At the cash register, Michal Lynn then told the cashier to NOT wrap up her burrito, just put it in one of those bowls with paper underneath because she wanted to eat it with a fork, and Simone just turned to the cashier and said she would not give her a hard time, and that no, she didn't want to think about what our personal assistants would have to go through if we wanted to go to a party at 7:04 PM instead of 6:59 PM, or if we wanted a salad with BBQ chicken instead of honey-roasted turkey.

Daylight savings time starts early? What's this? An unscheduled event?


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, you can't just leave your readers in suspense like that. Did you end up being successful in getting a burrito with no beans or not?

-- Bruce

At 12:07 AM, Blogger Kat said...

it's funny, because i go to that chipotle at least once a week, and have been doing so for long enough that the one guy there occasionally comps my burrito just because "i see you here all the time", yet whenever i get the one guy he still looks at me in awe every time i order my burrito, asks me to repeat it, and then yells incredulously to the guy slicing avocados in the kitchen at the side, in spanish: "JUST BARBACOA! NO BEANS, NO RICE!!" like, "what am i going to do with this kid?"


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