Monday, September 27, 2004

you're a superstar

im sitting here in broad daylight updating my blog. since i've started, i've realized three things that are different from what would have been going on 1.5 weeks ago:

1. i have a blog. this means that i'll proceed to bring shame upon the existing blog users, and discourage anyone else from having one. i wont bother to hide the fact that i just published this blog accidentally ten times in a row, and it took me about 15 minutes to delete all of them because after i deleted them i kept on republishing them.
2. im at college
3. im updating during the day, and not in the dead of the night.

revolutionary, i know.
so, since everyone, or rather, my faithful reader, might be wondering what's been going on with yours truly since the last time i decided to sign online, i'll divide everything up into the most stimulating sections possible (because im such a huge fan of lists and such in the first place. especially lists of things i dont have to do). This means that basically i'll divide my college experience up into categories, since that's the only thing that's happened to me in the past week. aside from riveting orientation meetings like "sex signals," "diversity," and "getting to know the reggenstein library"

THE PEOPLE (in no particular order)
I really like some people on my floor. I am getting along swimmingly with my roommates, Mary Kate Slattery and Julie Yerganian.
Julie Yerganian is from Walpole, Massachusetts. She creeps into the room after i go to bed so she doesn't wake me up, she likes to put two packets of hot chocolate mix into her hot chocolate, and she has this purple pillow in our sitting area that looks like a bacteria.
Mary Kate Slattery is from Pacific Palisades. She enjoys her gnome calendar, heavyweights, and dark chocolate (milk chocolate is absolutely unacceptable). Also added into this list would be included painting, partying, and posters. I almost forgot the most important part. We like singing disney songs together in stupid voices (she might be serious, but im not). And she loves the scotch packing super strength tape.
Benno Nelson is from Pasadena. He is extremely tall, he wears something resembling cowboy boots, and is super nice. Mary Kate reported that he even wore his cowboy-like boots to the P.E. test every freshman had to take. Picturing this tall lanky guy in his cowboy-like boots doing sit-and reach and then running up and down the bleachers is enough to make me laugh.
James Something or Other is an RA on the floor. He's a second year, and he thinks he'll major in the classics. That is supposedly synonymous with "i dont feel like working too hard." He is reputedly a flirt (although I would not be able to tell you), he gets in to the doc films for free because he has "connections," and he's always got a grin out to his ears.
Nick Poulos is a third year. He's majoring in geography, which nowadays seems pretty useless and archaic. he's funny
Marco is the computer guy, but HE DIDNT SET UP MY COMPUTER. i conquered this one myself.
Juan is another RA on the floor. He's thrown water balloons at people on the floor before, and i wouldn't put it past him now.

I'm sure you've had enough of the few people I've listed here. There are plenty of other nice people, but it's not like i know them extremely well, and it's not like you feel like reading through all of this anyway.

There are also some not-so-cool people on the floor. off the top of my head, i can think of one not so cool person, and that would be adam brunk, who, in his facebook profile, listed girls and drinking as his two main interests.

i've been to the dining hall mostly for dinner. getting there is kind of a pain because it's a sizabe walk from the dorm. the creed the cooks seem to live by is "if it's not tasty, make it spicy." I think i wont find anything spicy in no time at all.

it's enormous. since shoreland used to be a hotel (al capone and elvis stayed here. hey, hey, who's jealous now?), basically all the rooms have their own bathroom. so, here's a kind of virtual tour of the room:
you walk in, on the left there's the bathroom. take two more steps down the hall, and on the right is the bedroom, and on the left is the study room. both of these rooms are really big, and there's 2 walk in closets. basically 3, but the scary one in the corner is being used as storage.

i just started class today with a blast from the past: chemistry. that's my only class for monday. so the rest of my mondays will have ample to devote to complaining about chemistry and for contemplating doing my laundry, which i've started to think about last week. i would tell you my schedule, but i haven't the slightest idea what's after monday. i am taking calculus, reading cultures, and early byzantine art, which i might switch to something else, but im not sure

i think it's pretty. stone buildings, gargolyles, tall spooky looking chapels, the "whole shebang."

i've gotten completely wasted and i was impregnated by a stranger. good start to a good year.

there are several stories i find amusing. but they would be too boring to list. i've got the feeling that no one from home would really find them entertaining anymore, since i am now out of your lives and out of your hands. from now on what will continue will be an extremely detached, methodical, and impersonal account of my daily life starting from september 27, 2004, and continuing till sometime in june 2008.

i will add, however, that it seems i'll have to be getting a tetanus shot on wednesday. everyone who's known me before knows that getting a shot is about as scary for me as being locked in room with things that go bump in the night. so think of me please for a few seconds on wednesday at around 11:30 central time.

oh, and i dont know how to get my blog looking super duper spectacular, but i'll try my hardest one of these days.