Sunday, June 01, 2008

When it rains it pours

In the past week, I have been entirely soaked with my clothes on 3 times. Let me count the ways how.

Sunday: After a jog in the middle of the day, it was decided that really, it was entirely too hot to exist in this world. And so with a hop, skip, and a jump, I was in the icy depths of Lake Michigan. Then to dry off, it was necessary to stand on the sandy beach with the hot wind whipping the trash and sand onto me. That part was barely pleasant.

Monday: You know how in My Fair Lady there is a big horse race? With a lot of women in big hats and men in tails? I went to a horse race in Arlington. Without a large hat, but with big dreams of winning lots of money betting instead to go toward a speeding ticket that had recently been acquired by a friend. After betting $10 that Moment of Repent, 9-5, would win 1st place and instead placing second, my hopes of dropping out of college 3 weeks before school was out to become a full time, professional horse better and wiling away the hours at off-track betting stations in knock-off Chanel or Very Tight Jeans were soon dashed and I comforted myself with the fact that while I might not belong at a horse track, at least I would never fit in with a group of people I hope I never fit with.

After the horse races, we all jumped into the lake once again. Apropos of nothing.

Friday: Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing got rained upon. I helped put away chairs while it was raining buckets.

And this is what it's been like recently. Trying to fit things of college into the last bit before I leave it. All of a sudden all the fun things are coming at once and I wish that it had been like this before.