Monday, February 07, 2005

Here we go again

So I'm back, ready to roll up my sleeves and try all this over again. Naturally, I had written some sort of brilliant post before, only now I can't remember it. All right, that is an embellishment, but it's not when I'm saying that I get thoroughly confused whenever I have to post pictures for the first time. So instead of doing everything all poetical, I'll just list the usual bullet points of the really boring things I've done lately:

Nevermind, not bullets, I don't even know how to get those on here

1. I went to Trader Joe's yesterday with Joe, Mary Kate, and Julie. We got pretty lost along the way, and we were wandering around this are that smelled like an enormous chocolate brownie, so by the time we got to Trader Joe's we were all salivating like starving dogs. The Trader Joe's was in the middle of a parking structure, and it was pretty big, and all in all, the experience was worth it I suppose.

2. On the way back, the subway smelled like one giant wet dirty foot. Or, as Julie would put it, it smelled like "ass." However, I don't really like that description, so I'll just stick with it smelled like Roquefort cheese and dirty feet. There was a family who got on the subway, and the mother pulled out this enormous costco sized spray bottle filled with something like Bath and Body Works strawberry cucumber, and she started spraying this all over the subway for the rest of the 45 minute trip. So the entire subway had a dirty-foot-Roquefort cheese stench attached to it, and the subway had something wrong with it, so we stopped quite a few times just smelling that.

3. I went to Chinatown on Friday afternoon. I did not get what I wanted to, so that means I'll have to go back. Contrary to my other public transportation adventure last week, I met some nice people on the bus this time.

4. I watched several movies. Time to try to get the pictures going I guess. Here goes nothing.

On the way home from Santa Barbara, Shikha and I were really anxious to get a picture of the sunset (ohhh the romantics) and that's the best we could manate.

The gala New Year's Eve party at Stacy's with lots of board games and confetti.

Agi, Lacey, and me over winter break. I can't wait to see the St. Louis people again. And I just noticed that I'm squashing Lacey. Oops.

That's our really cool room with my really cool roommates. The picture looks better on flickr or whatever I'm using before I push "all sizes" or whatever because then it doesn't look like Mary Kate is closing her eyes and Julie doesn't look so fuzzy, but it could just be my computer.

Our Armenian terrorist Julie.

That's all around the school.

Here's to hoping this might work. Finally.

Damnit it still hasn't worked. I WILL make it work.

Ok, that's a copy/paste from the previous post. Now I need to find the discrepancies between the little codes.

All right. Done. Now I hate the world. However, thank you Kris for helping figure out the picture thing. Now I won't have to bother you about that anymore. The next project is to figure out why I have that huge gap at the top of the blog.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I don't get it

Ok, I just lost an entire post, so I am posting A SINGLE picture instead of the multiple pictures I was planning on posting just to prove that I CAN post pictures.

I CAN'T DO THIS. I'll try again later.