Saturday, July 12, 2008

I just finished making a pie crust

Three people in the past day have asked why I don't update this anymore. And what better time to answer their question than the present?

The answer is simple: I suppose I haven't felt like it.

I graduated. At the time, this in and of itself may have generated a long, windy entry about what I learned at college, a misty-eyed entry about ending a chapter of life and beginning another. Which all might be very true, but with graduation about, oh, exactly a month ago, I guess I gained a tiny bit of perspective.

That ceremony was not for me, as is the case with most big to-dos, I feel. It was for everyone who didn't get to be a part of my four year college career, and I don't like this because what I went through was not all about graduating. Yes, it was nice to end something formally and with capes that will later come in handy when I decide to make a fashion statement and wear it to a job I don't have yet, but overall, it did not bring me enlightenment, direction, A Purpose. Not that I was expecting it to, and yes, I KNOW that everyone is disappointed with their graduation. I'm perfectly content with mine. I was not expecting bells and whistles, and I did not get them. It ended with a pat on the back, a dinner at Potbelly's, and a stern lecture from The Mother about not having lived up to my potential. Which is always uplifting.

I went to DC last week to visit a friend. My flight back to Chicago was delayed a day (what I surprise), so the end of the day found me back in Lacey's twin size bed, the both of us holding on to the square inch of blanket and mattress we had by the skins of our teeth, which is oddly like the way I feel right now in life.