Sunday, November 21, 2004


I'm guessing the ideal thing to do would be to update this thing whenever something REALLY AMAZING has happened, and that's what just happened...something REALLY AMAZING. Well, probably not such a big deal, but I went to this really, really great guitar concert (because I'm running out of superlatives here, I'll limit myself to only those written).

Anyway, the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet played. I even got the program signed, and the entire time I was just about jumping out of my seat because I was so excited. Rather, half the time because the first half of the program I had to stand, since I was ushering. Black pants, white shirt and all, I looked like a waitress, but I got a free concert out of it.

So, why was it so great. For starters, it was acoustic guitar, which practically everyone loves anyway, so I guess that's not reason enough, but they did these really interesting things with guitar. For instance, when I was sitting down in the balcony with limited viewing, I thought they had brought a piano out, but they had only played the guitar differently. This was accompanied with trombone and violin imitations, and they did some pretty crazy things with their strings. I don't remember quite what it's called, but I could ask someone. It had something to do with plucking the strings on the opposite side, or I'm not quite sure...they were fiddling around at the top of the guitar a lot, that's for sure. I think I'll post the signed program on livejournal, not like anyone really cares.

So what I have left to do tonight is to finish up my chemistry. But I have to go to someone for help with that in a little bit, and because I'm still glowing from this concert, I decided to update. Chemistry, though, will really put a damper on things. I talked to another 3rd year usher tonight, and she was telling me how much she hates life because she's a biology major. She did sound really bitter, and she was most likely exaggerating how hard and annoying it is, but at the moment it wouldn't take much to convince me that majoring in biology is about as bad as selling my soul to the devil. First quarter has already made me feel little, inadequate, suicidal, cold, alone, hungry, scared, like there are wolves after me, so I've got the feeling it doesn't get better after this. But I dont feel like giving up too easily either, you know? Besides, I've always held to the idea that even the worst of things, or people, will teach anyone something, so I could get something out of chemistry, somehow.

Huh, this is more academic-y than anything I suppose. But Mary Kate just came over and drew a mouse on my arm with red and black sharpies, while intermittently reading a really really bad essay she has to proofread. For example:

"I chose to explore this topic in depth because of the many reasons such as most importantly to address the health hazards involved in using these drugs. Another reason is that performance-enhancing drugs promote unfairness in the sports world. And the last reason is to address the controversy of whether regulation amounts of certain drugs should be lowered for example caffeine."

What a sentence. We just concluded our feces could write something better than that. And I think that's the perfect way to end a post: our waste can write coherent sentences, and I've got a red and black mouse on my forearm.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

That's legitimate

I haven't updated in a while, so what will now follow will be really, really, really interesting. So interesting, in fact, that it's worth stopping my paper when it's not quite half-way done and writing this for the not quite one and a half people who read this.

Once again, I am left to wonder what I've done since I've last updated. Not really surprising, since it seems I'm doing more wondering than anything else nowadays. Last night I did go to a Pedro the Lion show (I know, odd, considering who I am, what I usually listen to, what I do know and, more importantly, what I don't know) but there you have it, I went to a Pedro the Lion show, and I did enjoy it. But I won't post the obligatory post show livejournal pictures. Actually, I wouldn't even know how to post pictures on here if I wanted to, so it doesn't even matter. What was almost as enjoyable as the show was getting to the Metro, or Wrigleyville, where the place is. I went with Mary Kate, Jonathan, Joe, Anthony.

The little kids were exceptionally hyperactive on Monday. It was PICTURE DAY. Little kids begging to go to the bathroom, big dresses, combing hair, lost money. Enough said. I had forgotten PICTURE DAY was such a production, but I guess I remember dressing up for each one. I also remember Stacy forgetting to dress up for it.

I've been doing quite a bit of studying? UGH, have I done nothing anyone would find interesting? Been out to eat at a few bad, a few good places. Today, I realized I haven't been to the movies in a long time. Well, a comparatively long time, but considering the one thing I do for fun during the day on a school day is watch trailers on the apple site repeatedly, I guess that equals going to the movies. I've certainly watched enough trailers in succession (and spread out) to make them all equal the movie Titanic and what the sequel would be. What WOULD the sequel to Titanic be? I'm surprised they haven't come out with it yet, but it would probably involve lots of digging.

On Sunday I'll go usher at a guitar quartet concert. So I get a free concert, plus I get to hand out programs. Lovely.

I guess I'd better get back to this essay. I completely thought it was due next week, and it was like my Late Byzantine Art midterm all over again when I walk in to class and the teacher just casually mentions "So about that essay due Thursday...". Good thing it's only a rough draft.

Right, back to the essay. I can't even focus on blogging, but at least I've had my pre-essay free cell games, my during essay Queen songs, and I still have to find a post-essay celebration method.