Friday, September 30, 2005

Why the 4 year warranty system is good with Dell

My computer is practically radiating perfection right now. It is sparkling clean, outside AND inside. It responds to the slightest nuances in the pressures of my fingertips, displays each letter I type with gold trim, and navigates from page to page at the speed of light. Hell, I don't even NEED to type web adresses into browsers or click onto programs to open them anymore since my computer functions solely by reading the brainwaves that I send to it because it is just THAT AMAZING NOW. Is that a computer or is that the latest model of an electron particle accelerator? I can't tell the difference because the likeness is so convincing!

You might have guessed by now that I just spent 2 hours, 10 minutes, and 51 seconds with a Dell representative on the phone. That probably makes it the longest conversation I've ever had on the phone in one complete run, even taking into account that one time I called that one person to start to read the dictionary out loud to him. That, by the way, never happened, but don't put it past me.

The whole process was relatively painless. This could be because I'm the not the excitable type and golly, if my computer crashes and the hard drive is down, well then, I guess my computer crashed, I lost all the information in it, and I guess I have to replace the hard drive. Which is what the situation looked like for a few minutes at the beginning, during which I felt like I was watching a little kid throwing a tantrum and breaking all sorts of really expensive statues and thinking "Well, I guess I'll just have to superglue them back together again." So what WOULD make me act like a possessed, frantic beast?

1. Missing a final I actually did study for.
2. Watching a very bad episode of Roswell. All I'm going to say is that the first episode of season three SUCKED and it had better redeem itself somehow before I lose interest in the entire show completely.
3. Something else

Julie is probably on her 5th balloon animal now, since she's popped the 4 before it. Finally. She finished a bunny. Is she losing her touch? Perhaps she should have consulted my computer for some help (since I'm giving her unlimited warranty) because my computer is just the all-powerful, omniscient master of this entire room.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Big, Bad, and Back

I thought I'd give a run-down of the what's happening in Chicago, since I'm back.

First things first.

The taxi driver who took me from the airport to the place I stayed at with Julie? Was a maniac. I got to the taxi and this little munchkin of a man jumped out to help me with my suitcases. In the car, he repeatedly rattled his bag of Egyptian nuts and cigarettes at me as an offering, insisting that I take some because it was a long drive and with lots of traffic. He was from Egypt, and talked a lot, mostly about his nightmare of a mother-in-law who lived with him.

So Stacy was here. I suppose that could be embellished with pictures. Kat, Mary Kate, Julie, and I are now patiently waiting for the green light to paint the rooms bold, bright colors.


Egyptian Hierloglyphs (am I even spelling that right?): Absolutely useless in the long run probably, but I mean, how many people can say they took this class? I can now draw vultures, quails, horned vipers, and hands in my sleep. I think the only reason I'm taking this class is because I can't return the REALLY expensive books I bought earlier in the week. I just translated a sentence that read:

The sun god is together with that man.

I have no idea if there is a second meaning to that. I should find that Egyptian taxi driver and ask him for some help, because I don't know how many tutors there are for Egyptian.

Spanish: Hola. No quiero decir más sobre esta clase. Yo soy la estudiante única quien está en el segundo año de universidad. No importa. Me gusta español, pero no me gustan los estudiantes en me clase. Tengo que escribir más en mi livejournal, y tengo que hablar más español.

Baroque art: Lots of fleshy women.

Self, culture, and society. (Self-torture and anxiety): I am reading The Wealth of Nations which everyone knows is about as fascinating (and comprehensible) for me as a good political debate in French. And I have to take three whole quarters of soc because GOD HATES ME.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

About those photos.

They are nearly groomed and preened, ready for you viewing pleasure. I am really tired of uploading pictures. I am ready to set all my pictures and the computer aflame.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Third one within an hour!

I know. Too much. But I just want to say something sad and there is no one online to tell it to, nor would my mom care because she doesn't know what a blog is.

So I posted that second post and went to visit it again to see if it actually posted and I noticed that I got a comment on the previous one. A comment! Exciting! Upon opening it, I found it was a light fixture advertisement. So I guess I have a theme for a next post. Light fixtures. Hey, if I wrote about a man being stuck in superglue and how penguins were created in Spanish, I'm sure I can figure out something for light fixtures.

An addition:

I've gotten into the surprising habit of eating salsa straight out of the jar. This complements my habit of eating jam out of the jar.

Today little kids came around and tried to sell me a $15 box of popcorn that was popsecret.

I didn't mention that Stacy is coming to visit me in Chicago, but you guys already know. Finally, everyone will get to meet the woman behind the legend. My roommates think Stacy is my only friend in California, despite my assurances that I have at least 2 more here, and which aren't my dog or that one pillow I like to have around.

I had my first avocado today

Last night I was intent on posting my pictures of the summer on blog. I went through the whole (usual) desperate IM-ing of Kris to try to figure out how to post pictures, the whole complaining ceremony to Rory and Shikha about how long it takes to get one single picture onto the computer and then promptly stop talking to them, and then I realized that there really is no feasible way to put all the pictures I want to show on a blog post. So now that I mentioned all my readers in a single post (except for my sister, which I just did), I'll just move on.

I'm going back to Chicago on the 22nd, not the 24th anymore. Because I just can't wait to get back to that place.

Before the whole school year ordeal starts again, I think I'll make one new school year resolution public to everyone. If anyone cares to remember back as far as a few months ago, I'm sure they will remember that by the end of April I was as sour as a bunch of lemons. I did not have one nice thing to say to anyone. I called my roommates yesterday to apologize about this and to fervently promise the following:

I will try to not look like I want to swing a hammer at everyone's head, I will try to crack a smile once per day, and I will try not to ruin their days by acting like a bitch.

So, with that said, I'm going to take my dog on a walk. Early, I know. By the way, I'm getting tired of just writing these things without a theme, and I'm not doing anything to actually find one. I'd like it if someone told me to write about one thing that isn't political. Because everyone knows that I know politics as much as I know chemistry, which is about one mu more than nothing (HA! I TOTALLY just used a chemistry term right there!)

The minute I arrived home I ran to the grocery store where I was welcomed by the oatmeals, juices, fruits, and vegetables as if I were the second coming. The cheeses, however, did not extend such a warm welcome because I couldn't do anything except scowl at them. They call this a cheese section?? In Hungary the cheeses filled up no less than 2 WHOLE GROCERY AISLES. Had I suddenly turned into a cripple in Hungary with no where to go, I would have just asked to be taken the 24 hour grocery store where I would have sat and stared at the cheeses. I am easy to please. For instance, I started to purr yesterday on the phone when I asked Julie to hold the box of the third season of Roswell next to the receiver. I could practically hear the otherwordly messages transmitted through radiowaves across the phone.

Kat is planning on painting the kitchen a lime green color, and the family room orange or blue to make the skyline pop. She also reports that she can regularly hear people across the alleyway yelling and throwing glass out the window during the night.

So you four, look forward to another post where I will present to you SPAIN: The Epic Journey link to the photos. You've heard about it, some of you have seen the aftermath, it is now time to EXPERIENCE it.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I am...I am...I am...I am...

There are close to 500 varieties of avocados, but just seven are grown commercially in California, and the Hass variety accounts for about 80% of the total crop.

And just think:

I haven't had one single blessed avocado out of the 500 varieties so far this summer.

I know I'm going to regret saying this but