Saturday, March 12, 2005

I am now a REAL college student

I just got back from someone's party in an apartment. And it's only 1:14, so that's probably an indication as to what it was like. It was really lame. I'm all for social awkwardness (i.e. walk into a crowded elevator and face the corner with your back to everyone, talk about childbirth while ordering a subway sandwich) but this was just DUMB. It was a former Michelsonian's birthday, and I bet she had a nice time.

Basically, I was sitting in my room watching Some Like It Hot. Evidently, I'm not one who likes it hot, since I was perfectly happy watching movies on a Friday night, when some people on the floor decided to interrupt and took me to this apartment under threat of cursing my luck on my upcoming finals, or deinstalling freecell.

And there, there were these REALLY AWESOME bands playing. One of them was called First Coat, and then there was some guy after this band. I don't remember what he was called, but I bet it was something like...Sentimental Season, or Pellucidly Clear. Every song sounded the same (namely, guitar playing, wailing), and everyone looking very somber. Well, everyone except Julie, Mary Kate, and Joe.

So after the sitting through the third song or so, and after seeing that the porn magazine girl was hanging out in the room too, I realized that I really miss my friends from home. And I won't get to see them for another couple of months, so I guess I'll just have to content myself with sticking my wallet pictures of them up around my extremely cluttered desk and lighting a candle underneath each of them every night to pay homage.

I've got a week of finals to face, and I'll go into them wondering why people like going to these sorts of things, what my future apartment will look like, if I'll have any friends here in two years, if the ones at home will still be hanging out on my desk, but most of all, what the name of my super indie band will be called.